Eating is necessary to survive. There is a saying “eat to live and not  live to eat“.

This is absolutely right. Also, it is not about the quantity but about the quality.

Too many people eat when they are bored. It is almost an occupation of the 21st Century. Surely this is not right!

Eating healthy isn’t that complicated. See the illustration below – it is the amount of food you should eat to have a balanced & helathy diet.

The recommended balance of the five major food groups

And the easy first step is to eat less and exercise more – logical.

But generally, you should eat less of the following:

  • sausages, salami, meat pies
  • salted peanuts, crisps
  • processed foods such as ready meals and sauces, burgers and sausages
  • sweets, chocolate, cakes and biscuits
  • full-cream milk, full-fat cheese and yogurt, cream and butter.

But for more information you could visit the British Nutrition Foundation and the Food Standards Agency

Find the right balance