Boxing is a superb sport that helps develop hand eye coordination, physical endurance, strength, speed and stamina. Often people can get into boxing at a young age when their parents take them down to the local gym which for many years has always been the case, however recently there has been an increase in the number young adults and middle aged adults going into boxing gyms looking to take it up a as a sport.

Boxing is a physical sport and as a result a lot of focus needs to go into it to make sure you protect your head and body at all times. The great aspect of boxing that many people do not know, is that the coaches will not let you spar until you have learned the basic skills which can take several months to learn correctly meaning there is little risk of injury.


So why has boxing become more popular among the older generations? We have listed a few of the potential reasons below.

  • Boxing gyms are now much more commercial than they used to be with more high tech equipment coming into them and professional rings for boxers to spar in and these improvements have made boxing gyms more appealing to the mainstream than ever before.
  • People are more conscious of their fitness than they used to be and many people know how demanding boxing is as a sport, therefore for fitness reasons, more people are boxing.
  • The mainstream gyms such as Total Fitness and David Lloyd all have boxing areas in their gyms as a result of the increased demand from customers which again encourages people to try boxing out and encourages them to try it at a local gym.
  • There is always a demand from people wanting to improve their own self defence skills and boxing is an ideal way to do this in a controlled and safe environment.
  • We have seen a boom in ‘white collar’ boxing which means people from jobs such as accountants, salesmen and financiers have taken the sport up and this has seen a lot of press and encouraged more people to join their local gyms.
  • Boxing is a superb stress relief sport especially after a long day at work as it allows you to let out the frustration of a day on a punch bag which does wonders for your general mental health.


It seems boxing is always going to be a popular sport among people and as a result we have seen more gyms catering for the mainstream boxing public. It offers people so many benefits including physical fitness, improved self defence skills, confidence and a superb way to lose weight.


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