Is your back or joint pain robbing you of sleep? Do your daily activities become painful and difficult to accomplish due to your everyday pain? If so, don’t feel alone — this happens to four out of five people. Pain can present itself in different ways. While some people feel constant pain, others get a sudden sharp pain, but no matter what the pain is there are many techniques to prevent pain from happening.


Your posture can greatly affect your back muscles and spinal joints. Keeping a good posture should not be difficult, but we tend to forget to sit up straight, from time to time. Keep the following in mind:

While standing, make sure your back is always straight and your face facing forward. Keep your legs straight, shoulders back, and your balance your weight evenly. If you must do chores or other activities that require you to bend down, make sure you keep your back straight and only bend your knees.

When picking up any objects that require strength, make sure you follow this guideline: stand as close to the object that you’re lifting as possible, keep your feet apart at shoulder width, continue by bending your knees, tighten your abdominals and use your legs to lift, not your back.

While sitting down, your knees and hips should be at the same height, feet landing flat on the floor, make sure your back is up straight and your shoulders are not falling forward.

Change Sleeping Position

One way to prevent back pain is by sleeping on your side with your legs together. This takes away most of the physical stresses placed on the body. While sleeping this way, the pelvis is placed in a comfortable and stable position.

Placing a pillow between your legs complements this orientation for a better night’s sleep, as well. Make sure that your pillow is thick enough so that your spine is in the right position — you’ll want to keep your knees, hips, and shoulders squared and in line.

Sleeping in good posture doesn’t just make you feel better and more rested; keeping up with the habit will keep you from causing yourself pain before you even start your day.


Regular exercise will not only prevent back pain, it can alleviate existing pain as well. Walking, swimming and running all put your back muscles at work. Yoga and Pilates are also a great way to improve flexibility and your muscle resistance. However, it is important to only do these sorts of exercises under the guidance or supervision of a professional to ensure that you are doing the exercises properly.

Some of the recommended exercises you can do at home to release back pain and prevent it are the following:

Medicine ball rotation – This tool is great for increasing rotation to your spine and increases mobility on the mid-spine section. It is a low-cost, high-impact exercise that focuses on trunk muscles.

Skydiver – This exercise strengthens the spinal joints and releases tension on the back muscles through extending and stretching from a prone position.

Knee rolls – This stretches and mobilizes the spine. It can be done anywhere and for as many times as needed to release back tension.

Preventing Joint Pain

Yoga – Almost everyone can benefit from practicing yoga, whether you suffer from joint pain or not. The positive effects of this exercise on the body are manifold. Yoga builds a healthy immune system and releases joint inflammation, it helps maintain mobility and flexibility in your body.

Walking – While it may be difficult at first, most doctors recommend that you walk on a regular basis. It used to be that doctors would recommend rest in order to treat joint pain, but studies have shown that staying still does not help relieve the cause of the pain. In fact, it can actually make it worse. Walking is a great aerobic activity where it is ok to start out slow if it hurts too much. Over time, try to walk just a little bit more, building up your stamina and strength.

Water Workout – Walking from side to side in a pool is a good exercise to prevent or reduce pain. The water relieves tension from the joints, and there are dozens of exercises you can do to release pain and strengthen them, using the water to lessen the impact and forces your body encounters.

Relieving back and join pain is not impossible. However, it is better to prevent than to cure. It is recommended to keep these and other exercises as a part of your daily routine to ensure your well-being, and make sure your pain does not stop you from your regular everyday activities. Be sure to seek the guidance of a doctor and make regular visits a part of your regimen, particularly if you already experience frequent issues with pain. Chiropractic professionals like Dr. Mark Kosinsky at Ashley Park Chiropractic can help keep you going healthy, strong, and pain-free.

Lautaro Martinez is a freelance writer and family man, contributing articles and advice on issues of health, parenting, food, and entertainment.