Healthy hair is a lifestyle but not the one that you may be thinking of. Having strong hair and maintaining frizz will take more than the occasional trip to the salon. Your hair also benefits greatly from having a well-balanced diet and making the right styling decisions. To find out how you can make all of these things come together to make your hair look more luxurious, keep reading.

The basis of any great hair style is well-nourished hair, which is why starting a weekly deep conditioning routine could be the key to unlocking the star potential of your locks. No matter what the outside elements threaten to do to your hair, conditioner works by making it softer and increasing its elasticity during and after styling, especially for frizzy hair. Use an intense treatment like John Freida Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Intensive Masque once a week for best results.

But all the healthy hair care products in the world won’t matter if you’re using a plastic bristle brush to de-tangle your tresses. While your hair is wet, use a brush with rubber bristles to prevent breakage. And after drying, use a brush with natural boar bristles to bring out your natural shine and protect hair cuticles.

Your hair also benefits just as much from what you put in your body as it does from what you put on your head. Having a balanced diet that is high in naturally-occurring nutrients makes all of your body’s systems run more efficiently, which can lead to stronger, faster-growing hair.

For example, the next time you head for the refrigerator, make sure to put an extra serving of vegetables on your plate. Dark green vegetables especially have a healthy hair benefit that you’ll want to take advantage of; veggies like broccoli and spinach actually enable the production of sebum through their wealth of vitamins A and C. This means that if you suffer from dry or frizzy hair, consuming more of these could help your scalp produce the natural oils needed for healthy locks.

You may also want to think about loading up on protein. Foods like eggs (which are just as good as a natural hair conditioner as they are for breakfast) provide your hair with the building blocks that it needs to stay strong. Beans are also a great source of protein, and they pack an extra punch–with zinc, iron and biotin, too.

Finally, one of the most beneficial steps you can take right now for your hair (and your body) is to grab a bottle of water. Dehydration can show up on your scalp, wrecking all your other efforts to maintain healthy hair. This is because water aids the delivery of nutrients to your scalp. In addition, hair is 25 percent water, which means that you need this vital substance not only to exist but also to have shiny, healthy hair.