Testosterone is a hormone found normally in both men and women. If you research briefly on the Internet you can see many wild claims made about the supposed health benefits of testosterone. It is not my place with my lack of medical and biological training to comment on them here. A lot of these sites are promoting artificial supplements and treatments that may be hazardous or at the very least unnecessary.

The consensus is that there are ways that you can boost your testosterone using only  healthy diet and exercise. Obviously you should always check with your doctor before you embark on any kind of  exercise program or diet – but I would hazard a guess that they would be less likely to warn you off any of these tips than the would taking unlicensed pharmaceuticals purchased from the Web!

Reduce body fat

Body fat causes the body to convert your testosterone to estrogen, because it contains the enzyme known as aromatase. Loosing excess body fat is probably a good fitness goal all on its own. The only effective way oof doing this is to eat less calories – but be careful not to cut too many. If your body thinks you are starving your metabolism will slow, hindering weight loss and also reducing testosterone.

Sleep more

Studies have found that men who get little sleep have significantly lower testosterone levels than those who are able to get in a solid six to eight hours shuteye each night. This can be a difference of up to 40% in the levels of the hormone that your body produces. Make time for sleep by planning to be in bed by a reasonable time, cut back on the caffeine and remove sleep disrupting distractions like TVs and computers from the bedroom.

Change your diet

It might seem as if it is contradictory with weight loss, but the human body does require fats. It is important to distinguish between fats, as though some are an essential part of a balanced diet, others are pure junk that you should avoid like the plague. Healthy fats are monounsaturated fats and Omeg-3 fats. The best source of these are nuts and seeds, as well as avocado and fish such as tuna. About 20% of your daily total calories should come from these healthy fats. Increasing the amount of vitamin C and Zinc in your diet is also believed to be beneficial.

Change your workout

Basically the goal here is to work your body harder across a shorter period of time. As a rule, if you are able to do more than 8 reps with a weight, it is too light and you should step it up. It is important though not to use any weight that is too great for you to be performing the exercise properly and safely.The motions need to be steady and smooth, not relying on any sudden jerks.