Jason Day was crowned PGA champion in August; a monumental occasion for the Aussie considering he had never won a major tournament despite his obvious talents and incredible spirit on the course. However, many people are unaware of just how much Jason’s win over in the States meant to him, much of which stems from the difficult upbringing he endured during his early years. We take a look back at Jason Day’s hugely deserved rise to major champion…

Jason described his first home as “broken-down” and “old”, a true understatement of what the poor family he was raised amongst had to deal with. His devoted mother worked tirelessly to help Jason achieve his dream of becoming a professional golfer, working multiple jobs and going out of her way to get Jason to the golf course as often as possible. The multiple jobs earned enough money for Jason to continue schooling at the same time.

Jason admitted that, at the moment he realised he’d made it as a professional, he couldn’t quite get to grips with reality. He spent time in his room refreshing his bank account, looking on at the screen and wondering how on earth he’d managed to reach such heights. The money he had begun to earn on tour was staggering compared to what he had been used to in his younger years.

His struggles were not all down to financial constraints either, with Jason losing his father to stomach cancer when the golfing prodigy was just 11 years old. There were times where Jason felt he would never be able to cope and admitted that his family struggled to recover from such a traumatic setback. In his book Slaying the Tiger, Day says of his father “he kept me in line, and as soon as he passed away, you know, we all go out of line”.

Thankfully, Jason found his feet when his mother sent him South to Kooralbyn International, a boarding school that was famous for producing the very best athletes and sportsmen. Day was lonely at the time, with little in the way of financial backing and in complete alienation upon his arrival. However, Day cites the new culture and surroundings as the main reasons for his ability to focus and avoid potential distractions.

Jason Day has now officially become one of the best golfers around. Many will say that you have to win a major to even be considered among the top 50 golfers of all time and with Jason earning the PGA Championship in blistering fashion (a -20 scorecard overall), we are likely to see him emerge as a frontrunner in numerous major championships in years to come. He had to fight off the almighty American prodigy Jordan Spieth to do it.

The irony of the story comes down to golfs maintained perception adopted by so many to this day; that the game is hampered by exclusivity and elitism. It would seem that Jason Day is a true representative of what he’d like to call the Australian Dream. The work and effort Jason has had to enforce to get where he is today is mind-blowing and I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are absolutely delighted that Jason has, finally, had his day.

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