Some of the most successful people in history have relied on sheer motivation and spirit to see them through tough times. In all areas of life we require motivation to succeed, whether it’s business related, sports-based or surrounding an entire career.

Theory upon theory has been drawn up to try and identify the ways in which we can develop an increase in motivation, though it seems that the answer is starting us in the face. By introducing lifestyle goals we will always be ready for action and no goals can keep us from doing what we’ve always hoped to achieve. However, the trick is to draw up lifestyle goals that we can easily stick to…

If you are one of those people constantly finding something in the way of your ambitions, you may well have a set of goals that aren’t doing the job. You need to make sure your goals are well defined in order to become increasingly motivated and ultimately, fully committed to your ambitions.


If you are extremely keen on achieving something specific in your lifetime, motivation will almost certainly take care of itself. The trick to reaching this stage is by improving your focus and state of mind and this where hypnotherapy comes in.

Hypnotherapy has benefitted countless amounts of people who have struggled with motivational problems over the years. People have been able to overcome procrastination and mental blocks they never thought they could banish.

Strong motivational skills are developed over time and you start to redefine the way in which you set about your goals and ambitions. Soon enough you realise that there is very little between you and what you hope to achieve. Here are some of the many different forms of hypnotherapy-associated motivation:

Weight Loss

Hypnotherapy plays on the idea that you are keen on achieving a specific body shape when looking at weight loss instead of actually hoping to slim down. You will gradually learn to focus on what you want or in other words, your deeper goals.

People generally use the term weight loss as a goal yet this is poorly defined, with some people hoping to change their body shape entirely and others simply looking to fit into smaller sized clothing.

Students and Education

Examinations are daunting at the best of times and terrifying at the worst and some of us struggle with the demands of an examination period. Hypnotherapy helps you to focus on the study period of your examination, with focus predominantly on goals that can be achieved before you set foot in the exam room.

Career Progress

Reaching the very top of your profession is a long and winding road that only some have had the chance to experience. It’s a daunting prospect for many employees but also something they are incredibly keen to explore.

Hypnosis helps people to focus all their effort on very specific goals and ambitions that relate to developing skills and attitudes required to be the best you can be in your profession.

Sporting Achievement

Sports motivation plays a huge role in the successes of athletes and all other levels of competition. Sport psychologists often adopt traditional hypnosis methods and techniques to prepare sportsmen and women for motivational programmes.

Many athletes have managed to overcome fellow competitors and subsequently achieve their goals by simply “wanting it more”; a result of intense hypnotherapy over a drawn out period.

Team Scenarios

Individuals thin differently, which makes it harder for teams to work as a unit and progress in a grouped exercise or environment. Team motivational therapy through hypnosis promotes stronger team building capabilities and makes it easier for people to clarify and formulate shared outcomes.

Article provided by London based cognitive hypnotherapist practice Helen Day Therapy.