The healing process following a sports injury can be long and tiresome, as well as frustrating if you are an eager player in your team, but it is a necessary process. If you don’t give the injury sufficient time to heal, you may end up doing yourself even more damage in the long term. It is better to sit back now than have to pay for it later.


There are however, a few things you can do while waiting for the injury to heal, which can help alleviate pain and even speed up the recovery process. However, it is important not to dive headfirst into these activities thinking your injury will magically be healed all of a sudden as unfortunately that is not how it works. Slow and steady!

Gentle Exercise

By gently exercising the affected area, you help encourage the muscles and nerves to keep working at it to get better. I must stress gentle exercise as any heavy exercise or exercise that may break a sweat will only do further injury to the afflicted area. Check with your doctor how to exercise effectively and try not to overexert yourself.

Warm Baths

Warm baths with scented oils or soap help to relax and reduce tension in the muscles, aiding recovery. Sports players will often relax using a warm bath to help prevent muscle cramps or spasms from occurring. Baths are also incredibly relaxing and they take time to prepare, so it makes a welcome change from rushing about all over the place in a big to get everything done!

Instead of being in a hurry to finish your cleaning routine, you are taking time out of your day to relax and simply do nothing, which is a part of a healthy lifestyle. We are so worried about staying on top of everything that we stress about it even when we should be doing nothing, so a few moments away will reduce stress and contribute towards helping you recover faster.


There are situational masseuses who have specific experience in assisting sports injuries. Massages are designed to alleviate tension in certain areas of your body and can be an extremely relaxing process. Your doctor may recommend you to a masseuse if they feel it would help your injury. If you have any questions or concerns you can always ask the masseuse who will help you with anything you don’t understand.

The massage may ache a little, but that just means it is working! The masseuse is trained to relieve tension in knotted areas of muscle, so smoothing these knots out can take a little work but you will certainly feel better after a few sessions.

Rest and Recuperation

Above all else, rest and recuperation is essential. Sometimes we suffer from injuries and we just try to go on with our everyday lives, treating the injury as a mere inconvenience. Why not take a step back and use this opportunity to take a small break? Go away for the weekend or take a few days off work to rest.

It is very likely that the added stress of the injury will not help when working on the job as well and this will only hinder your recovery process. Take a day out in a park or spend a long weekend away at a health club or just being pampered. It may feel like a waste of time but you will certainly feel a lot better for it.

Some instances, such as broken bones or internal injuries, are best left to heal up without further intervention. However if you are dealing with a sprain or a muscular problem, these tips should really help you get back into shape!

It is also important to remember that while the injury may not have been your fault, there are measures you can take to avoid certain injuries while playing sports. Many injuries can be avoided with a proper warm up or by taking precautions preceding any competitive match.

Article provided by Mike of Wickwoods, a Sussex based Country Club, Hotel and Spa with fantastic facilities and competition standard tennis courts.